Help with setting Cookies in your Browser.

Cookies are tiny bits of information that are saved on your computer to help make your browsing a better experience. However, you do have a choice on whether to accept or decline cookies. We at National Free Ads are clear in our approach and only use cookies to make your use of our site easier, and also for us to remember who you are each time you use the site, and save you time. Our Privacy Policy  describes how securely we use cookies.

How cookies work:
A web browser obtains tiny files of information, called 'cookies', and they help provide services to you that make your online experience quicker and easier. For instance, we use cookies to recognise you when signing in, and to allow you to navigate member only pages within the site, without having to keep re-entering your password.

Will I need to alter my web browser's cookie settings?
Most cookies are 'session cookies' and these expire and disappear from your hard drive when you sign out or shut your web browser, so there is no real need to change your settings. The cookies that stay on your computer are there to recognise you when you return to our site, and without these cookies, we wouldn't know you when you entered another member only page, and would therefore have to request you re-enter your login data again and again.

Accept or delete cookies in your web browser:
If you are worried about cookies on your computer you can easily delete them from the 'Tools/Browsing History' link within most browsers. In most cases you can ask your browser to automatically delete all browsing history on a daily basis and therefore clear the record.
All web browsers offer you ways in which to manage cookies. To ensure that National Free Ads features, such as signing in work efficiently, please check that your web browser is set up to accept cookies.
You can learn more about accepting cookies, how to manages cookies or even delete cookies, by viewing your browser's 'help' section.